Proposed change in pattern of PG and UG exam (NEET-PG)

Outline of changes to existing curriculum 

The following modifications have been made in the existing

curricula to accommodate the aspirations of the defined goals

and competencies:

1. Newer learning experiences through introduction of

foundation courses placed at crucial junctures, clerkships/

student doctor clinical mode of teaching and electives.

2. Early clinical exposure starting from the first year of the MBBS

3. Alignment and integration (horizontal and vertical) of


4. Integration of principles of Family Medicine

5. Emphasis on clinical exposure at secondary care level.

6. Competency based learning.

7. Greater emphasis on self-directed learning.

8. Integration of ethics, attitudes and professionalism into all

phases of learning.

9. Encouragement of learner centric approaches.

10. Ensure confidence in core competencies so as to practice


Framework of Examinations 

All the examination would be structured in framework. These would


i. Common syllabus throughout the country 

ii. Subject wise allocation of marks: MBBS entrance 

examination, would have 30% marks each for Physics 

and Chemistry and 40% marks for Biology. In PG 

entrance examination, distribution of marks would 

be as per relevance of the subjects, with clinical 

subjects carrying more weight age than pre and 

paraclinical subjects. For DM/ Mch entrance, there 

would be three kinds of papers, M.S. surgery level 

for all M.Ch. courses (surgical specialties), MD 

Medicine level for D.M. (medical subspecialties) and 

M.D. Pediatrics level for Pediatric subspecialties 

(Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Neurology, 

Neonatology and some other upcoming disciplines). 

iii. Type of Paper/Questions: MCQ pattern of 

questions would be followed for MBBS entrance. The 

PG and DM/MCh entrance examination papers 

would have multiple types of MCQs, namely single 

response (Section A-60%), multiple T/F, images, 

assertion/reasoning questions and patient 

management questions (Section B-40%). 

vi. Setting of Question Paper: MBBS entrance 

examination, will have a single paper of 250 

questions (75 questions from physics and chemistry 

each and 100 from Biology) and be of 3 hours 

duration. Questions will have four options with single 

correct answer and three distracters. In PG and DM/ 

MCh entrance examination, there will be a single 

paper of 180 questions of 3 hours duration. Each 

question will carry one mark. 

vii. Eligibility Criteria: The student would have passed 

12th class examination securing minimum of 50% 

for General category & 40% for Reserved category 

in aggregate of Physics, Chemistry and Biology from 

a recognized board before admission. In 

postgraduate medical entrance examination, 

candidate would have passed the Final MBBS 

examination and have completed internship. The 

students who are likely to complete internship by 

March 31 are also eligible to apply but would 

complete internship before admission. 

viii. ConductConduct of of Examination: Examination: 

Conduct of Examination: Advertisement for MBBS 

ConductConduct of of Examination: Examination: 

entrance examination,, 

, would be sent in last week of 

November in all major newspapers of the country 

and applications collected both online and offline by 

January 15th 12.00 Noon. Admit cards will be

dispatched by April 15th and the exam would be 

conducted on last Sunday of May. The PG entrance 

exam would be conducted at the end of the internship 

in Mid January- mid February as is the current 

practice. In future the common exam will be held at 

the start of internship as candidates. For DM and 

MCh, the advertisement would be sent in January in 

all major newspapers of the country and applications 

collected online by March end. The admit cards will 

be dispatched by middle of April and the exam would 

be conducted on the First Sunday of June so that the 

course starts from July of each year. 

Medical Council of India 

Exit Examination - MBBS, PG & Super

Final Examination for MBBS, Post Graduation and DM/ MCh:

 ● MBBS: status quo to be maintained

 ● MD/MS/MCh/DM: To create uniformity, a postgraduate
board/ central university comprising of both MD and DNB
would need to be formulated.

   ● MD/MS: Would have a thesis which would be submitted
along with a paper from the thesis material and sent to the
examiners before examination.

   ● DM/MCh: One research paper would have been submitted
before appearing for the examination.

    ● Defining responsibilities of Internal & External examiners.

    ● Duration of Practical Examination:

MBBS - 25 students/day

MD - 5 students/day

DM/MCh - 2 students/day.

● Structuring of Examination: OSCE, long structured case
discussions, structuring of viva voce 

● Internal assessment: From Log book s, periodic (6 monthly)
assessment by institute. This would have a 25% weightage
for the final examination. A student would be shown his
assessment every 6 months to apprise him of his progress.

 Summary of Project Execution 

For exploring the possibility of holding NEET-PG before
internship, we strongly opine that for the year 2012, only
the NEET-PG for post-internship candidates to be held in
January 2012 would be notified.

The examinations will be conducted commencing from 2012



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